Self Defense, Pressure Points (Feel the Power at your tip’s)

Self Defense, Pressure Points (Feel the Power at your tip’s)

Self Defense,Pressure Points and a Super Sharp Shooter!!! Feel the Power

The Sharp Shooter

Self Defense Keychain’s

     1) The Sharp Shooter

     2) The Super Sharp Shooter

     3) The Sharp Shooter Extreme Defender

If you are looking for the perfect Self Defense Device look no further !!!!!

You are going to love what we have, the Sharp Shooter Will always be their for you. In your hand’s!!!  ready for when you need to defend yourself!!!

The perfect device for everyone after fully watching the DVD on how to use the Sharp Shooter and maybe have an on-line course LIVE  with…Master Moran a Vault of knowledge on Pressure Points!!! you will have all this on the tip’s of your finger’s ready to use!!!

Then you with a,  Sharp Shooter Extreme Defender in your hand’s you will Feel the Power!!!

I highly recommend this for everyone,

Husbands,Wife, Mother, Father, Boyfriend,  Girlfriend

To much violence out their!!

So please check us out or send us an e-mail

or give us a call, we will be glad to assist you

Thank you


Welcome to the “Sharp Shooter Nation”


Telephone Orders:   617.489.4025

Help With Pressure Point Techniques Shown On Our Tapes:   617.489.4025 or

Help with Jiu-Jitsu Techniques Shown On Our Tapes:

Postal Address:396 trapello rd Belmont MA 02478

Electronic Mail: Webmaster:


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