Customer Letter


Customer Letter


Dear Master Moran,


I have known about your product for some time now.  I have a high interest in self defense and martial arts, as I am going to become a cop after graduation of my bachelors.  I have acquired a ccw permit in my area due to increasing violence and police disregard for public safety.  Sadly, I live in a college town where there are many gun free zones.  I needed an alternative.


I purchase several self defense items: a kimber pepper blaster (2 shots only), a barracuda stun gun, a kubotan, Brutus the Bulldog keychain, etc.  While some of these were good products in their own right they all had weaknesses.  Some you have to get in close, others with range have limited shots, etc.  Not only that but they are all very bulky to conceal which can be dangerous should police try to harass me.


I then go back and decide to purchase a super sharp shooter.  WOW!  This thing is amazing.  Not only does it have range, but you could fend off multiple attackers!  I feel extremely safe and best of all it is extremely comfortable and concealable to carry.  I attached my keys and even my kubotan to it to make it twice as effective.


I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the super sharp shooter!!!  I hope to buy the regular sharp shooter as well or maybe even the extreme defender soon!!! Such a quality product you make!


Thank you Master Moran,  $19.99 well spent!!  I hope you sell many more of these!!!!!  I cant wait to acquire another one in the near future…


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